Some people believe that touristsdo not learn anything during their holidays, while others believe that they learn a lot. Discuss both sides .

Whether or not tourists acquire something during their itinerary has become a controversial issue.While a vast majority of people are of the opinion that acquisition by visitors is negligible, there are some who opine that they grasp a variety of things throughout their visit.
essay will discuss both sides of the argument in depth. On the one hand, there is a section of the society who completely ignore any type of learning by tourists. Since they spend most of their time in sight-seeing and quite rarely interact with the locals of the region.
, they get a little idea about their lifestyle and culture.
For instance
, most of the foreigners stay in, hotels or resorts, throughout their visit and look only for tourist attractions.
, the advocates of
perspective are right in thinking that about the process of acquiring knowledge about the customs and traditions of certain tourist spots.
On the other hand
, there are some who favours the phenomenon that tourists gain ample opportunities of knowing new things.
is probably due to the reason that whenever they plan their vacations, hiring tour guides is a common activity that provides opportunities to learn historical facts with the help of associated stories.
broadens their horizons and adds to their knowledge.
For example
, if individuals from various countries,
as the USA and UK, arrive in India to admire the beauty of the Taj Mahal and other historic buildings,
these guides provide extensive information to them and help in making their journey memorable. To conclude, despite being a debatable issue that travellers attain something or not during their visit.It is considered by many that they acquire nothing, whereas others argue that these people learn a variety of things.
topic discussed the numerous causes for the varied perspective.
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