Adults today do not do enough exercise. Some people believe that showing major sports events like the Olympics or the Football World Cup on television encourages people to exercise. Others argue that there are better ways to encourage adults to move more. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

The overall wellbeing of a person mainly depends on two main elements, namely mental and physical. Today, many people focus mainly on the mental part of it.
, while some people believe that broadcasting major events like the FIFA world cup and the Olympics will motivate people to
, I feel that there are other methods to motivate them. On the one hand, it could be argued that showing major sporting
motivates the viewer to
. Those in favour of motivating people by showing sporting events on
that by viewing the physically fit athletes many people get inspired. Many get inspired to believe that achieving
ideal body weight by
is possible, which motivates people to come out of their comfort zone and to start exercising. Many people
claim that on seeing their team do well at the event acts as a stimulant, which results in people themselves trying to play some form of sport. Take, Sania Mirza,
the great
the greatest
tennis champion from India,
for instance
. On seeing her performance on
, many people enrolled for tennis training and started playing the sport.
, she acted as a motivation to thousands of people to take up tennis as a sport.
, I side with those who believe that there are better ways to motivate people to start exercising. It is a fact that lack of physical activity results in various health related issues like heart attack, low blood pressure and muscle stiffness.
As a result
, it is desirable to educate the public about the various issues arising due to lack of physical activity.
, in my opinion the best way to motivate people to
is to provide incentives in the form of shopping vouchers and prices for achieving their ideal weight.
For instance
, the government of Dubai organises the yearly "30*30 event", which motivates people to commit at least 30 minutes daily for 30 days to perform any form of
. A mobile application is used to track the participant's activities and the time, at the end of the event participants receive their gift vouchers in their mobile application which can be redeemed.
, giving incentives to people to
is the best way to motivate people. In conclusion,
viewing sports on
stimulates people, giving incentives to people to
is a better stimulant.
, on balance, I strongly believe that there are other better ways to motivate people to start exercising other than by watching sporting events on

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