Some people think it is better to choose friends who always have the same opinion as them. Other people believe it’s good to have friends who some time disagrees with them. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Not anyone is an island of knowledge, disagreement is a natural issue
that is
bound to happen. It is often thought by some that it is preferable to have close allies that share the same view with them. Others feel it is ideal to have close partners who at times differ in their own perspective. In my opinion, I believe a major way to be a better person in life is to have different opinions of others. On the one hand, people who are surrounded by folks who share the same opinion with them sees things from one angle only.
is to say that there is not any difference in their thoughts and that of their close counterparts.
In other words
, their thinking and orientation about life is channeled towards a particular direction.
As a result
, new ideas are not able to spring
Accept comma addition
forth, therefore
, they are limited to the knowledge within their reach.
On the other hand
, others feel it is a good thing to have some form of disagreement in terms of views and opinions and I agree.
is due to the fact that discord often brings about new ideas and innovations.
is a good way to learn and become better in all areas.
, people who have conflicting ideas are vast owing to a lot of information they have come across
they are able to compete with the world outside.
For instance
, in my organization as a management staff, issues are brought to the table for everyone to contribute and learn from.
alone has made me understand how to approach diverse matters that faces me. In conclusion, while people may have a varying opinion, I believe that there should be room for various ideas from which people can learn from. By doing
, people are able to expand their knowledge and apply it to their daily pursuit.
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