In the past, museums stored information about culture and history. However, nowadays this information can be found through the internet and, therefore there is no need for museums. Do you agree or disagree with this view?

A few years ago, museums were considered to be the complete source of
about culture and history. But, with the advent of the internet, it has become very easy for the people to get
, some people think that museums are no more needed, nowadays. I,
, do not agree with
point of view and following are the reasons to believe so.
, the details shared on different websites, regarding culture and history, have a questionable credibility.
For example
, there are certain web pages that do not have the proper and exact details about certain historical events, especially the blogs written by the common people, who have no thorough knowledge about the incidents.
could often be misleading for the users. But, the museums
on the other hand
, have guides for their visitors who explain each and everything to them very clearly and that too, from reliable sources.
, the museums provide every sort of knowledge to the interested people, under one roof.
For instance
, the Lok Virsa Museum in Islamabad, not only portrays the various cultures of Pakistan, but the civilizations from other parts of the world, particularly the neighbouring countries, as well.
, it displays the historical timeline of the Indian Subcontinent too. All of
could be easily accessed during a single tour of the whole museum.
, in order to search the details about
stuff using the internet, one has to surf through a large number of websites and links, which consumes a lot of time. To conclude,
, the online availability of articles related to history and traditions is quite common these days,
cannot replace the museums.
is because, the source of that
is not always reliable.
, the museums provide a detailed knowledge to the people simply during one visit.
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