Many people believe money is a very important factor for achieving hapiness.Others, however believe that money has nothing to do with hapiness.Discuss both views.

Whether or not being wealthy is significant in the attainment of a happy living has become a controversial issue.While some individuals believe that money helps in achieving a life full of joy, there are some, for whom, it does not matter.
essay intends to delve into both sides of the argument in depth.
of all, a vast majority of people argue that if a person has plenty of wealth,
he can achieve happiness to a substantial extent. The major reason for their distinct opinion is so because almost everything can be bought with the help of plenty of cents.Being wealthy is always an asset for most of the part of the population existing in the society.
For instance
, those, who are living, below the poverty line, are not able to live a healthy and prosperous life and are living in the scarcity of certain essential resources, which in turn, leads to their dissatisfaction.
, they are right in their perspective of having a pleasant feeling.
In contrast
, those who oppose the above statement claims that even wealth cannot bring a sense of fulfilment.It is interesting to note that there are several live examples of extremely rich persons, who are not satisfied with their living despite of being rich.
For instance
, one of the famous actors, Rajesh Khanna, he was a legend for almost all the masses and was blessed with lots of money but he spent most of his time in solitude.Eventually, being wealthy does not mean joyful living.
, those who are in favour of the above perspective are somewhat true to their statement. To conclude, it is irrefutable that society is divided on the given topic and a vast majority of them agree that wealth adds joy to their life, whereas others completely neglected and opt for an alternative point of view.It was all discussed in the above paragraphs along with relevant examples.
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