As children become adults, their social behaviour changes in some ways. What are the main differences between young children’s social behaviour and that of adults? To what extent are the changes that take place good? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Interpersonal growth and development is vital before maturity.
, as the young ones grow older, their social behaviour is uniquely altered. Examples of
are the following: one, the children tend to the dependent with their parents, but as they become adults, they seek lesser advice from their parents; ultimately, the society is being divided by introvert and extrovert individuals who were jollier and more talkative when they were younger.
dissimilarities between the juvenile and matured citizens will be discussed in
essay as well as their the positive effects of
changes. In certain demographics of the world, the roles and responsibilities of parents to their descendants are crucial. Their words and guidance undeniably needed by their children to the extent that they seek for it every now and
, as they turn to their adult stages, these young ones progressively become independent and the value of their parents is overshadowed by their peers.
For instance
, a 9-year-old daughter always want to spend their vacations with their family, but when she becomes a teenager, she will be more interested in going out, to watch movies, to celebrate occasions, to name a few, with her acquaintance.
, the inquisitive and playful juvenile behaviour are being refashioned depending on how their environment moulds them - some may develop outgoing personality, while others may become introverts. Clearly, interpersonal attitudes change as one aged.
On the other hand
, some major differences between and pre-puberty individual and that of mature ones are existential.
, the former has an underdeveloped social skills in which he/she can be insensitive at times. They are more fragile of having conflicts, particularly with their people of the same age. Meanwhile, adults can avoid misunderstandings as they are more experienced in terms of maintaining a positive social relationship. Secondarily, a child may imitate words that are not suitable for others while its counterpart can discern good from bad. These refinements are zealously vital as the world will only unite when there is a guidance of matured humankind. Undeniably, proper parenting as well as instilling values in achieving effective relationship to every child is an essential responsibility of an immediate forebears. In conclusion, the social refinements from different stages of life are being influenced by the people around them.
Therefore it
Accept comma addition
Therefore, it
is important to impart positive attitudes to prevent future miscommunication or misinterpretation.

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