Some people say that the only reason for learning a foreign language is in order to travel to or work in a foreign country. Others say that these are not the only reasons why someone should learn a foreign language. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, learning a foreign language has become increasingly popular among the people. A part of the society believes that in order to travel in other countries or work overseas, one must learn a secondary language. While, others think that learning a foreign vocabulary is not only limited to these reasons.
essay will discuss why these skills are important for a career and travelling but, why they offer far more benefits. It is believed by the public that one must acquire these skills before moving abroad. People who move to other countries are exposed to a global village, a place comprising of the public from various backgrounds and languages. So it becomes compulsory to have a knowledge in a tongue that would eliminate communication barriers among the people.
For instance
, students who move overseas for their higher studies are required to have proficiency in English, so that they can easily communicate with the other scholars. For
reason, it is mandatory to learn a foreign tongue before visiting abroad.
, mastering a foreign language is not only limited to these causes.
To begin
with, dialect has always been seen as a beautiful set of skill, and it is
associated with intelligence.
For example
, a person is perceived to be intellectually superior when he has command over multiple languages.
, some sacred manuscripts are not accurately translated into mainstream languages and
, in order to get a true essence of its meaning, one must read the scripture in its original form. As an example, Japanese comics are best read in its original form, and it loses its charm when they are translated in English.
, foreign communication skills enable a person to explore more by reading and listening foreign materials. In conclusion, vocabulary is now a valuable tool that everyone must possess.
essay discussed various reasons behind learning a new vocabulary. In my opinion, I believe mastering a secondary glossary is not only limited for a career and expeditions but
for other sources.

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