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It is claimed by several people that occupation options abroad and travelling are the single reasons to acquire a foreign language. While, some populations believe that there are other motives for learning new languages. I think that, language acquisition should also be observed from a different perspective, including its beneficial effect on the brain's function.
It is commonly believed that the main purpose of learning a foreign language is with the intention of either travelling or a job while others assumed that there are many other reasons to grab a concept of the language. In my opinion, I strongly opine that the majority of people adopt the language because of their job requirements.
Many argue that the purpose of acquiring a foreign language is to visit another country and to find a job in other country. While people should learn foreign language for travel and work, I believe people also need to learn foreign language for language study and for cultural knowledge.
In this contemporary era, people have a chance to become bilingual and multilingual. Currently, most of them are trying to acquire other language skills apart from their mother tongue. Moreover, some communities learning foreign speeches to fulfil their work or travel purposes in a international country. While others demonstrate that there are various reasons why someone learning in their lifetime. This essay will focus on these both opinions and I will elaborate on my opinion too.
Communication is a core part of the social fabric in each country, and language is one of the indispensable parts of communication forms. Being knowledgeable in foreign languages provides a broad spectrum of opportunities that cannot be confined solely to work or travel. While many people believe that bilingualism may provide promotion in their jobs or convenience in travel, I believe that it paves the way through a deeper understanding of other cultures and gives access to authentic sources.
Learning a foreign language is of paramount importance to people because it enables them to communicate with a broader range of nations. While some people opine that multilinguality can benefits people in the aspects of work or travel, many people believe that it creates a broad spectrum of opportunities. In my mind, the reasons to study a foreign language not only have advantages in work or travel but also helps people to have access to academic resources, attain a deeper understanding of other cultures, and double their friendship across various nations.
many may say, and I agree, that today’s society has almost erased all its boarders and soon will become limitless in what concernc travelling for both work and pleasure. Therefore, if this is to happen, then learning a new language is necessary.
Language is a way of communication with human over the world. Many say that there are only reason for learning other languages is to travel or work. Others argue by saying that there are more different reasons for learning foreign languages, as sush, knows other culture or curiosity.
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Nowadays,learning new languages becomes an upward trend among people because of globalisation and flourishing technology.Some people assume that the only reason of that is to travel or work in other countries.Some of them also argue that these are not the single reasons why we should learn a new language.In this essay,we will discuss both aspects of these debatable issues .
Many people believe that the motives for acquiring other languages despite of mother language should be for enhancing jobs from abroad nations or going vacations to foreign countries. On the other hand, some individuals claim that there might be other arguments to learn a foreign language. From my point of view, I also agree with second statement as people tend to study foreign languages not only for chasing jobs and going trips but also for developing themselves as a skill of human beings.
There are opposing views about the purpose of learning a foreign language in addition to the mother tongue. While many people believe that there is only one reason to learn a foreign language which is to travel and live abroad, I, personally, think that there are many reasons to learn another language.
Some people say that learning a foreign language is only for work or travel in different regions. Others say there are some different purposes why people should learn the languages which are from other countries. Moreover, this issue has been discussed spreadly currently. From my point of view, there are more than one reason to learn the second language. Besides, some details will be discussed in the following paragraphs
Some people believe that the only reason for acquiring a foreign language is so as to travel or work in abroad city. However, some consider that these are not the only correct choice. Why people should obtain the second language. Generally, I think we could learning any lanugages for not only travel or work.
Nowadays, more people are eager to learn a foregin language, while travelling and working might be the only reason behind. However, someone would claimed that these are not the only reason which motivate people to learn foregin lanuguage. From my point of view, I do agree with learning a foregin language will certainly with more reasons behind rather than travelling and working.
There are controversial arguments about learning a foreign language. Some people argue that learning a foreign language is vital to travel or to work in a foreign country. However, some people say that rather than using foreign languages in the workplace or foreign countries, it helps differently in our lives. All these facts will be discussed in detail in the forthcoming paragraph.
In today's ,generation foreign accents are becoming quite popular and some individuals think that a few societies tend to learn different languages as it helps them to get a job or to tour in a different nation. While some populations believe that there are other thoughts on why a person should learn a separate expression. In my opinion, knowing a certain accent can help a human in its future aspects as it provides flexible communication and choice.
Although some individuals say that learning a foreign language is reasonable only if it is in order to travel or to work abroad, I would argue that these are not the only benefits of learning a foreign language for someone.
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Although some individuals say that learning a foreign dialect is reasonable only if it is in order to travel or to work abroad, I would argue that these are not the only benefits of learning a foreign language for someone.
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