Average Standard Of People’s Health Is Likely To Be Lower In The Future Than It Is Now

is one of the most important aspects of human life. It is said that in the future, the average standard of
of individuals will deteriorate. I agree with
view. I believe that people will be dealing with decreased
because of the increasing popularity of fast foods and growing amount of
that each person is facing his/her everyday life.
To begin
with, consuming fast foods on a daily basis contributes seriously to the decline of an individual’s
is evident even in youngsters at present.
For instance
, the availability of fast food chains all over the country makes it very convenient for everyone to access these foods and encourage them to consume it on a daily basis. The result is people are prone to diseases related to cardiovascular disorders because of the high salt and high sugar content found in these fast food products.
In addition
related disorders are
becoming more common nowadays. Everyone is complaining of being subjected to
daily. Individuals who continually experience
in their environment are likely to develop both mental and physical disorders.
For example
, employees who are overworked tend to develop headaches and stomach issues. To sum up, I agree with the argument that the average
standard of an individual will decrease in the future. Whilst some are becoming aware of the
issues that are emerging at present, the growing consumption of fast foods and the constant exposure to
will likely contribute to the decline of the average standard of
of many people in the coming years.

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