Some people believe that it is best to accept a bad situation such as unsatisfactory job and shortage of money. Others argue that it is best to try and improve such situations. Discuss both these views and state your opinion.

Unfavourable conditions like financial issues and
jobs are the common problems by which majority of the individuals are affected these days. As believed by many that we should learn to live with it,
, others are of the opinion that constant attempts should be done to improve the circumstances. Both views and opinions will be stated in the forthcoming paragraphs along with the supporting examples. A large section of society is confronting these difficulties,
, some people just accept their standard of living. They think that it is their faith and if any, efforts will be made to come out of
situation, it will go in vain.
For example
, it is seen that almost 90% of the candidates seeking a place to work take the
job they get with meagre salary. They do not strive to wait for the best opportunity. I feel that these people have low morale and they are under confident about their capabilities. They have accepted
lifestyle, perhaps it had prolonged for too long. It seems inevitable to most that their way of living can never be raised,
, motivational events ought to organised to boost their spirits.
On the other hand
, some of the beings are quite zealous and career oriented. They cannot afford to spend their life in misery. They reckon that if they work-hard and be patient, the current status can be easily uplifted.
For instance
, there are many legends who lived in poverty are now surrounded with luxuries. There achievements are laudable which is entirely based on perseverance and diligence. I suggest, if you are willing to accomplish something, it certainly can be attained sooner or later.
That is
why inspired people tend to reach the desired pinnacle, they aim for, especially because they believe in themselves. To summarise, self growth leads to the development of a nation as whole. It is the mindset of people and their attitude towards what they want from life. Mankind can have a secure future only
when he longs for it.

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