Many people assume that the goal of every country should be to produce more materials and goods. To what extent do you agree or disagree that constantly increasing production is an appropriate goal?

Improving the country’s economy is vital in every state.
, some think that
will be possible when there is an increase production of products.
As a result
, an assumption has been generated - each country aims to make multitude goods and materials. My conviction partly approves with the aforementioned concept and the reasons will be discussed in
essay. In certain demographics of the world, trades and exports are key players in their economic growth. If a country is rich in products, more investors will be attracted.
, the agencies of sovereignty can guarantee a financial stability. A stellar example of
is Indonesia. They are known to be a supplier of rice all over the world.
, all year-round, the local of the said region plant the particularly in-demand crop. The cost of living is not essentially high, thereby, they can guarantee a competitive profit out of their goods. Substantially, maintaining an excellent production and exchange of products is crucial in different areas.
On the other hand
, the goal of a specific government must not be limited to the fruitful creation of more materials as one place needs might not be applicable to others. If one deliberately thinks about it, every community is unique.
For instance
, the southern continents might be suffering from economic-related predicaments while the rest might be wealthy,
, health issues must be their main issue.
, establishing a universal aim might contribute riffle of conflicts specifically in progressive areas. A thorough strategic planning among the public leaders must be done in order to address relevant problems.
For instance
, China is already known to product variety of goods, but they are experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks.
, advanced measures must be derived from the existing phenomenon. Clearly, the goals must be subjective according to the needs of one continent. In conclusion, focusing on material production may not be an applicable policy to some.
, the objectives of every nation must be based on their current phenomena. At the end of the day, every locality has existing leaders to look after their constituents
their needs.

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