Obesity is an increasing public health related problem in some parts of the world. Explain some possible reasons for this problem, and suggest some solutions.

In recent years, the increasing number of
is becoming a serious social issue all over the globe. So, it would be meaningful to discuss why
a problem has occurred and to suggest how to deal with
matter. In the
place, it is needless to say that addicts of computer and mobile phone are highly likely to gain the overweigh than other people in that
people commonly used to the sedentary lifestyle, and they even did not try to work out. According to a recent survey, the growing number of people spend their time in playing computer games and watching 'YouTube' at least more three times in a day. In naturally leads people are becoming fat and has unhealthy habits.
, due to people' chronic busyness, many people enjoy having the fast meal and canned food than making cuisine at their home in a healthy way. They do not have sufficient time of cooking themselves with healthy ingredients. Many individuals are highly likely to choose the fast food despite they already knew it has harmful effects on their health and make them
. Under
situation, I firmly of the opinion that the power of the government is necessary.
, several authorities which have undergone the increases of the citizen'
rate should frequently release the advertising about how important the regular exercise habits and how to prevent of being
. In
way, people are highly likely to be stimulated by the propaganda and to discourage the citizen from consuming from a lot of sugar-additive foods. Another point worth mentioning is that the government should build the gym-related infrastructures. As widely reported, many people have difficulties in exercising due to the weather' condition as well as the gym classes are not economic prices, and they do not want to spend a lot of money on
gym institutions. So, it cannot help establishing the gym buildings which are cleaner, wider and reasonable costs.
, a number of people will register and exercise for their health in that they do not need to struggle with the weather and high expense. In conclusion, there are several causes and provocations which can raise weigh of people. But, I am personally convinced that the government should tackle
this matters
these matters
this matter
and take countermeasures in an effective way.

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