Many regions in the world rely on tourism for the revenue it generates. However, some people complain about the problems that come with tourism. What are some of these problems and how can they be solved?

The tourism industry has seen a dramatic rise in
two decades as people are travelling more often than ever before. Many countries, across the globe, depend on
industry as their major source of income to support their economy. But, it is irrefutable that tourism
generates a large number of issues.
essay will discuss those problems and will propose some measures to ameliorate the situation.
and foremost, places with many tourists can lose their original character.
For instance
, if a local folk visits Italy's city centre on a Sunday afternoon, it is quite likely that he might be the only local inhabitant there.
, many tourists are inconsiderate about the ancient places,
, sometimes it can be seen that they litter these places and
damage the buildings by writing something on them or plucking flowers from the gardens.
For example
, Mount Everest stopped the expedition in 2019 owing to the previous batch who littered that area. To fix these problems,
, the government should limit the number of tourists entering a particular place.
will reduce the pressure of maintaining so many tourists together, and
places could be looked after in a better and systematic manner.
, CCTV cameras should be installed at each nook and corner of these places so that everyone activities could be monitored and the culprits can be caught easily. We can look into the example of the Taj Mahal monument in Agra where everyone is under the CCTV surveillance, all the time, which has reduced the number of
issues. In conclusion, while tourism generates problems
as loosing the originality and littering of the places, these issues are not insurmountable. These things can be solved if the government follows the above stated solutions.

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