nowadays the crime rate is increasing especially among teenagers. what are the reasons behind it and how can we reverse this trend. What punishment methods should be used in your opinion.

contemporary world, crime among every age group has increased and became a mammoth issue for all. Criminal activities in teenagers raise drastically, which will have an awful effect on future generations. I would like to put shine on the causes of
problem and suggest solutions in the subsequent paragraphs.
To begin
with, teenagers encouraged by the plethora of reason.
and foremost, there is some leniency in laws for below 18 years of age.
, the punishments given to teens and seniors are different.
For example
, recent studies prove that
gap of leniency encourages teens to do crime.
, the mindset of children is influenced by the company of bad people and violation in movies which hit their mind toward criminal acts.
is why teenagers of today's world, spend more time on watching entertainment with violence rather than focus on their studies and career.
For instance
, the teens with wrong mindset result in illegal works. On the flip side, there are ample of solutions which can help in reducing these activities.
, the government should introduce new and strict rules and regulations with equality in punishment for all age categories.
In addition
, monitoring that these laws are followed by all because there is no use of laws, if they are not followed by people properly.
For example
, latest research study that properly and carefully following rules can decline the number of violations.
, parents play a critical role in children's life. They have to teach their kids about the outcomes of violence acts and inspire for doing good work by giving them moral values. All
helps in increasing damage among criminal and
helps in diminishing the rate of lawlessness especially in teenagers. To conclude, I opine that teenagers are very sensitive and they can easily influence by wrong activities. So, every parent help their child in developing clear and good thinking and by explaining the importance of laws.
, government has to take actions on the things which can change children's thinking in a wrong way.

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