Nowadays celebrities earn more money than politicians. What are the reasons for this? Is it a positive or negative development?

Today, celebrities earn higher wages than politicians. It seems to me that
is the consequence of Advancement in technology and marketing, and it is a positive development because the community could be profited by entertainers' investment economically. In
essay, the reasons for
issue and its effects on society will be discussed. Fists, popularization might be one of the critical factors to become wealthier due to the growth in the entertainment industry.
For instance
, it is notable that some of the sportsmen
as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are much wealthier than many of the governors. Since the entertainers are followed by an extended age range of individuals (from children to older adults) in comparison with a limited range in politicians,
fact could help them to become more popular and wealthy.
, celebrities could be the pioneers in establishing charities and foster public attention, by their reputation, to take participate in these organizations, which might be a beneficial movement in the community.
, the marketing development and advertisement industry are two substantial sources of money in societies. Politicians could work in just their fields;
, entertainers have acted in both their fields and advertisements. As an example, many leading brand businesses
as Addidas and Chanel, have hired celebrities for advertising their latest products. Entertainers could gain people's trust and persuade them to purchase the companies' products because of their well-known reputation.
As a result
, celebrities could be involved in societies' financial flourishing in which politicians could not.
, the community might take advantage of the effective role of entertainers to advertise some positive habits among individuals for getting a promotion culturally. In summary, it might be said that earning more money in entertainers than politicians has a negative effect because it is politicians who play a significant role in the future of society.
, it seems that the effects of
approach appear to be overwhelmingly positive, and its noticeable economical impacts of the public are undeniable.

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