It is too expensive to look after and repair old buildings. This money should be spent on building modern buildings instead.

It is often argued that renovation of historical buildings requires a great amount of
we have to spend more
on new buildings rather than redevelopment. I partially agree with
statement and think that some old building can be used for tourism purpose,
should be used for better accommodation. There are many old buildings which have great history and they have been made for a special purpose. While upcoming generation will show these kind of buildings, they will know the culture and tradition of their ancestors. It is true that the repairing of older building is quite expensive
they can be used for tourism purpose,
they will manage their expensive with paid tickets.
For example
, one of the seven wonders, the Taj Mahal takes some charges to visit in their main are due to that the authority manage their expenditure regarding its redevelopment.
, the modern buildings give some special facilities and
, they provide chance to live more people in one building. Nowadays, most of countries are suffering from accommodation related problems,
Government have to create some modern buildings for their citizens.
For example
, one survey found that half of the world’s greatest town can solve their living problems if they will build some new buildings
repairing of older buildings.
, the government will provide more living facilities if they will spend
on making buildings. To conclude, it is the fact that older buildings can be repaired after spending a huge amount of
. Some historical buildings are too appealing so, they can be used for tourist place

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