The number of children that read for fun has dropped dramatically in recent years. What are the reasons for this? How can we encourage children to read more?

Reading is considered to be a good exercise to enhance one's vocabulary. In recent years, the number of kids who read for entertainment has decreased drastically.
essay will discuss the reasons for
and possible ways by which reading can be encouraged among children. The two major reasons are children are overburdened and technology has evolved.
, I believe children do not get enough time to read something for fun. Most of their time is consumed in their school and school activities.
For instance
, homework, exam preparation, projects, assignments etc.
, I think with the latest technology children prefer to listen to audio books rather than reading.
saves their time because while reading they took lots of breaks. They
think listening is quite interesting than reading. We can encourage children to read more by including a novel or a magazine of their choice in their course.
will not only help them release their stress, but
improve their reading skills. I think reading should be developed as a habit from a very small age, so that it becomes their routine to read. I
believe we should not encourage children to listen to audio books as they will lose their interest in reading. We can always motivate them to read online
as they can read books on Kindle. It is a good platform to read books online. To conclude, I would conclude by saying that unless we encourage students to read more, the number will reduce. In order to increase the number we should make reading a part of their curriculum.

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