There seems to be an increasing number of serious crimes being committed each year. While some think that the best way is to use the death penalty as a deterrent, many people believe that other measures will be needed. Discuss the both views.

Every year crime rate is increasing gradually, people are recommended to give hanging punishment to all the criminals who are troubling to others with their moves. Many persons have had the faith that thousands of other ways are present to reduce the unfair activities. I strongly believe that, society should try for once to give the good lesson to the offender by giving some social works or physical retribution to make him realize,
announce imprisonment for the whole
rather than death punishment. On the
side, people are expecting to make fair justice, and according to them, it is better to give punishment of “hang” for the crimes which are harmful,
for instance
, For the rape cases, murder and supplying banned items and of inhaled drugs. These all activities not only effect to the
person, but
impacting badly to the whole society physically as well as mentally. Nobody is having the right to play with the
of others, if anyone is doing the courage it should be controlled by hanging them. If
individual will be hanged, another will take steps back automatically,
the rate of crimes will go down and turn to zero
day. On the other side, numerous people strongly believe, nobody is criminal by birth; it is society and surrounded people, who motivate them sometimes to attempt wrong things for their own benefits.
For example
, drug dealers. They are washing the mind of young generation by giving them a threat or greed to relish the
in other way and become rich soon. To protect the teenager, it is always better to give them
cond chance b
a second chance
y realizing them about their crime. Society should give them counselling, education or shift them to rehab centres to learn the importance of
, if the human will repeat his mistake only
it is the way to take hard steps by taking him in custody for the longest time or for the whole
to set a good example for others. In conclusion, death is not the solution to do fair justice; I reiterate that unwanted and offended activities should be handled according to the nature of the crime. Every problem could be sought with little effort and being a responsible character of the nation, it is our responsibility to educate the children in an effective way to control all the criminal moves.

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