Some people think that city governments should spend more money to promote bicycle use in cities. Other, however, believe that cities should focus on investing in public transportation system like trains or buses. Discuss both views and give you opinion.

Nowadays, Population is immensely increased due to
there is a chance of
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People are likely taught to use cycles in the cities for
government should spend money to aware of bicycles. Some points out that they mainly should focus on public transportation, which is so beneficial to local people.Let's discuss the both sides and which will be elucidated in
essay. To commence with, How the technology is growing in the same way the overpopulation as well. The authority is likely to promote the green culture by promoting bicycles. To exemplify, Children going to school by cycle are diurnal because of
there is no
. It's better for government to give free cycles to the cities
However we
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However, we
can reduce the cost of the cycle too. Impending days it is quite helpful to control
could be done by us by using low
vehicles. When it comes cycle we do not worry about damage,
or repair.
On the other hand
is a good chance of developing public transport if state tends to do. For human beings trains and buses are quite useful for travelling long distances.
For instance
, for the middle class people are likely live in one place and commute to work at long distances for the sake of them government should invest some money on trains and make them clean every day which attracts a lot of local people
In addition
same for bus
.More ever, They can have buy more buses for peoples' welfare. There is a chance of increasing economy. Authority improving the transport facilities idea is incredible which helps a lot of travelling people. In conclusion, Developing cities should focus on transport facilities because they are likely to move from one place to another place. For the people who are travelling short distances best to use bicycles. I personally feel the state should spend money on both
, best to spend on public transportation it is more helpful.

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