As countries have developed there has been a trend towards smaller family sizes. Why does this happen? How does this affect society?

In recent years, it has become more normal for people to select to reside in small families, particularly in the developed world. There are various reasons for
phenomenon and
exert many effects on society. One of the principal reasons for smaller family units is the development of the countries in which depend on their workforce. For
reason, manifold women are more likely to work outside
of staying at home and doing the household chores. Both parents often work results in limited time in child care.
, it costs so much to bring children up, especially in developed areas.
For example
, in Hong Kong, the cost of study from primary to undergraduate school is much in excess of other countries, even in European countries.
, the tuition fee is affordable for manifold people, especially for people who are on the average salary.
issue can impact on society in a number of ways. In a positive manner, a long-term decline in birth rates has a positive influence on the labour market due a decreasing number of job applicants. From depopulation the competition for resources within the population is reduced.
, the life quality increases by virtue of lower motorised traffic, less environmental destruction, reduced carbon and nitrogen emissions, reduced pollution, reforestation.
, one adverse ramification is that there will be fewer young people in the workforce in the future.
, the sustainability of future economic growth less certain. In conclusion, the trend of reduction of family size is certain to rise and exerts both positive and negative impacts on society by dint of the high cost of bringing children up and the growth of economic.
, governments should take various measures to tackle the problems that are certain to arise.
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