24. In some countries, young people are encouraged to work and travel for a year finishing high school and starting university study. Discuss advantage and disadvantage for your people who decide to do it.

In a few countries, teenage people are motivated to work and move in a year, finishing high
and begins the university study. Yes, it is a fact, selecting a right career pathway is crucial for the youth's future when they graduate from high
, Some youngsters prefer to travel around the world after finishing their high
. While, some prefer to work and gain knowledge and earn some money for their higher studies. The majority of them may have limited knowledge about working industries or lack of self-awareness;
, it may be a challenge for them to select a proper major that they are interested.
For instance
, one-year travelling and working experiences will expand their horizontal knowledge and learn more about themselves.
, the youth may mature enough to select their careers to pursue.
, some new graduates pursue higher studies right after high
, they believe that travelling and working is a waste of time if they decided to complete their study they should stick to it.
, travelling may increase the risk for the teenagers to nurture bad habits like smoking, drinking, drugs, and so on. Even more, working in labour jobs will not benefit their personal developments and some of them perhaps never back to colleges again. Directly pursuing university education will assist students to stay concentration in their academic study. In conclusion, I personally believe that they should make a serious decision after consulting their parents or mentors. Travelling around and working may not be suitable for all students due to the above reasons.
, pursuing advanced academic educations in universities play a significant role in students' future life.
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