Older people often say that their life was better in the past than it is now. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

It is argued by senior citizens that they have lived a better life in the past than
era of modernization. I firmly agree with
view because earlier people were facing less air pollution issues than now and relationship bonding was very strong among family members. It is a known fact that air pollutions is causing detrimental health issues to the masses. Before the proliferation of automobile industries the pollution level was significantly less.
In addition
, over hundred varieties of ailments are being caused by the air pollution due to a high number of vehicles emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere;
as a result
, people with immune deficit are prone to be affected by wheezing problem.
For instance
, The Pollution Control Board of India reported that, the respiratory
ratio has been
by 20% than the previous projections and projected to grow more in the future.
, elderly people tend to admire their past lives. Another factor to consider is that the relationship connection was robust in the previous decades. A few decades ago, people were living as a joint family, where they were very supportive and had a solid bonding with each other.
, nowadays, a number of family members have been shrinking and living as a nuclear family.
, they are not getting proper guidance from elderly people and have become unsocial. To illustrate, a research team of St.Joseph University in Singapore found that the individuals who are living in a joint family are more sociable with others than those who live in a nuclear family. In conclusion,
essay explained about the healthy life and a solid connection among family members, that people had earlier.
, I am of the opinion that life in the past was superior.

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