Some people consider price as the most important thing to think about when buying products ( such as cell phone ) or services ( e.g: medical treatment ). Do you agree or disagree

Clusters of people in the market when buying things often prioritize discount as the most crucial factor to choose ideal goods and services. While I emphasize quality should take the lead, I
believe that the expense is equally important On the one hand, quality is a great scale for customers in the long run.
reflects the trustworthy side of a manufacture or a brand which offer people with essential possession and
durable as it won’t be worn out after a long-time using.
, the norm of perception of construction will decide how secure the manufacture is when it comes to people’s house,
people may not be aware of the risk or the tragic scenario after having it worked.
For example
, a cheap service serves them with unkindness and inefficient facilities will no longer take the customers away with insecurity and unpleasant. Not only character entices them with highly-insurance productions, but it
supports and enriches markets. Those will be brightened by people when striving for much better manufactures in the market place, as the results, it will gradually come lying or dishonest businesses to an end and sooner improve people’s live and shopping’s need.
On the other hand
, pay would be a mindful thing to consider when buying a product.
, it may guide customers to choose better construction. Every so often, not every product with higher price will provide with assurance, the cost that they are handed out even cheaper than expected, but as many manufactures want to gain more profit, they make them twice and triple time more expensive with the same function as the others.
, customers now crave extravagant goods’ prices, especially wealthy customers who possess these as a status symbol.
For example
, if a rich buys a luxurious phone with loads of money and
show off to his friends, he would take pride in his friends’ compliment of his wealth. In short, customers should consider both expenditure and character as a plan to buy the most ideal and long- lasting productions. It will become more practical and get people into a less strained shopping experience
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