Immigration has a major impact on the society. - What are the main reasons of immigration ? - To what consequences can it lead?

In the recent times, there has been a rapid increase in migration of people moving from one country to the other, which has a significant impact on society.
essay would succinctly look into the some of the causes of the immigration and few possible effects it can lead to. People move to another country for high standard of living and better lifestyle,
as quality education, better health care, and for good career opportunities. It is observed that the movement is high from developing countries to developed countries which has better prospects in almost all the industries. To exemplify, a degree obtained from an esteemed university like Harward, is not only recognized globally in the educational sectors, but
results in better job prospects in the professional career.
, the political situation in the homeland could
force people to settle in other nations regardless of their desire to stay at home.
, individual migration has myriad effects on both the homeland and the land they are moving in. The sudden surge in the immigration population could lead to unemployment of the citizens which eventually would bring down the economic stability of the nation.
In addition
to that, the movement of skilled workers and experts trigger the brain-drain situation in the developing countries.
In other words
, the absence of proficient workers could impact the quality of products that would affect the monetary value of the country's Gross Domestic Product. To sum up, people migrate in search of greener pastures to improve their livelihood and their way of life. While immigration provides exposure and connects globally, it
results in declination of growth aspects countrywide.
, it is always advisable to have proper laws, regulations and policies with respect to migration.

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