Many people are choosing to live on their own. Is this a positive or a negative trend?What is your opinion and share your personal experiences? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

A famous adage says “Union is strength”, but the joint family concept has become very uncommon these days, people mostly prefer to live in a nuclear family setup. Some people argue that
is a positive development while others believe in a contrary. In
essay, I will analyse the pros and cons of both the sides and conclude my opinion. On the one hand, the greatest strength of being in a joint family is elder’s support in bringing up a child. Nowadays, the number of young parents visiting a parenting counsellor has been increased manifold. The reason behind
is lack of experience, whereas our grandparents have taught these parenting tips on a daily basis for our parents in an easy way.
, for any small emergency, elderly people possess the required knowledge to prepare some homemade medicine for a temporary or a permanent cure/remedy which in turn, avoids the doctor visit and thereby we can save a lot of money.
For example
, when my brother was suffering from a very bad toothache one day on a midnight, my grandma provided a medicine prepared with the help of cloves. It really helped him by minimizing the pain and allowed him to sleep that day.
On the other hand
, one disadvantage of living in a joint family is, it requires adjustments in various aspects. The family will have their own rules and regulations like sleeping on time, even if you want to study for your exams you cannot stretch yourself at night as it might affect the rest of them.
, you can’t take any independent decision either on your own or within the parents. It should be discussed with each and every adult in the abode, so you really can’t have a personal space which you have to sacrifice.
For instance
, my school friend Shanti wanted to study medicine after her higher secondary, even her parent was in agreement
, but their family members canvassed them, saying, if she has been sent for a long distance from home
she will elope with someone later on.
, she was allowed to study some three year arts course in a local institution. To conclude,
there are few disadvantages in being with the joint family, it is always possible to overcome those by talking to them with all the favourable points that we have.
essay clearly highlights that the positives overweigh the negatives so it is not a positive trend, it's high time to reverse the trend.
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