Some people think that good health is a basic human need, so the medical service should not be run by profit making companies. Do you think the disadvantage of private health care outweigh the advantages.

, it is thought by a bound individual's health service shouldn't be controlled by privately operated medical companies and, I would argue that there came more advantages for people utilize private strength services and
will lead to a logical conclusion. On the
hand, there are myriad of reasons which will
argument, but the most preponderant
stems from the fact that the state hospitals are often large and difficult to run.
, multifarious civilians go to private fitness centres, because that there have shorter waiting lists for operations and appointments.
can be proved by an example, several private energy institutions build mountainous areas which provide a good opportunity for patients to have improved well-being care, especially those for the minority group.
In addition
, another pivotal aspect of
argument is that private strength community provides to patients have their own room and
more comfortable facilities. Needless to say, all these merits stand in good stead.
, there are some pitfalls that negate these arguments and which can certainly overwhelm the potential influence of
trend, but
of the most alarming ones is that the costs that humans spend for those kinds of services are extremely expensive rather than the norm.
For instance
, the state hospitals, the prescription charges are over, period, because they prefer using the costly modern technology and equipment.
, in some cases, because the treatment decisions mainly depend on profit, quality of care might suffer.
, it is apparent why many against
trend. In the nutshell, according to the arguments aforementioned above,
can reach to a conclusion that the benefits to use private healthcare services, because is is provide better facilities are instrumental.
, its potential drawbacks should not be overlooked either.
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