Some people think that the universities must only accept student with high mark, while others believe that universities must accept students of all ages regardless of their previous grades. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Acquiring a tertiary admission has become tougher due to today’s competition in educational industries. Some people often argued that the university should only allow students who are achieving an adequate score for their higher study progress. Whilst others think that they must offer an opportunity to all pupils equal without considering their marks.
essay will be discussed both points of views. On the one hand, people think that the college authority should accept higher grade students, because those students have already proven that their high potential and hard work on their results. So certain people can easily understand when they at classroom, which will bring a spectacular outcome both the schools and students.
, it is quite easy for teacher’s to teach them because they can obtain or understand ideas quickly whatever the subjects they are teaching.
example, I was able to complete my Master degree in one of the well-know universities in India, owing to my highest marks which I acquired from my secondary schools and degree college. Opponents,
on the other hand
, believe that the university grades alone can not access the genuine talent or calibre of ever students and
, the lower grade students
should be allowed for
is because, those students
have some ambitions and desires like to become a doctor or an engineer but some circumstances make them frustrated their studies.
example, students who come from a broken family, he or she could not focus on their studies and during examinations so
does not mean that they are not talented or failure candidate.
, some people advocate that
the authority should offer an equal opportunity for both the high and low grade achievers at the institution. To conclude,
higher rank students can perform well
academic career, I believe that everyone has potential to study equally and choose their career for a better future. Unless enrol everyone equally at an institution, there may be a chance to astray and sometimes they involve in doing unusual activities.

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