Tourism has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Million people today are travelling farther and farther throughout the year. Some people argue that the development of tourism has had negative effects on local communities, other think that its influences are positive. write an essay to discuss the effects of tourism on local communities including the reasons.

It is obvious that
is one of the leading sectors in many countries and continue to grow every year.
growth in the number of visitors leads to adverse consequences for local communities.
, other people appreciate the positive impacts of
surge in travellers. The objective of
essay is to outline the potential reasons and considerable outcomes of
often has negative effects on the local areas.
That is
because the crush of tourists is ruining historic sites, which is likely to damage old historic buildings. What’s more, visitors can bring in western ways that destroy local-authentic restaurants.
For example
, shops are replaced by overseas luxury brands
as Mc Donald, Starbucks and so forth.
In contrast
, the development of the
brings some potential advantages for local communities. Not only does it create job opportunities for local
citizens but
Accept comma addition
citizens, but
makes considerate contributions to the growth in the local economy. To
, a typical tourist may spend a week in my city, paying for a hotel room, meals at area restaurants, and even a few souvenirs.
is considered as the main factor which introduces the cultural values of local areas to the world.
For example
, when travellers visit Japan, they will get a deeper understanding of Japanese lifestyle and culture. In conclusion,
plays a vital role in the regional development. Despite its negative effects, people should take care not to underestimate its positive sides for local communities.

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