Today more and more tourists are visiting place where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara desert or the Antarctic. What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places?

Nowadays, an increasing number of travelers are willing to travel to the place where the natural environment is harsh. However, this trend has brought both advantages and disadvantages to the travelers. I would like to give some examples in my article. First, i would like to talk about benefits. People’s living standard has improved significantly and more and more people have a desire for exploring unfamiliar environments. For example, If people have the chance, personally, to see a mirage in Sahara Desert or auroras in Antarctic, The scene will be a very different experience for them than reading descriptions from an article. By doing this, tourists can extend their horizon and enrich their knowledge. Moreover, some people, especially those successful in businesses are willing to strengthen their confidence through exploring the places under bad conditions. once their steady confidence has been built, it may help them to tackle the unpredictable issues in their daily lives and will be helpful in developing their career at future. On the other hand. It is true that when people get what they want from the journey, the risk of getting hurt or losing their lives arise, Especially for those who do not have enough supplies. What is more appalling is that some of the overconfident people would try to complete the journey even if the conditions at that moment are not suitable for completing it. In sum, the disadvantages are obvious because around 2000 lives were lost every year due to traveling to such high-risk places, but the benefits that travelers obtain from the process are also tremendous. People should have abilities to ensure their own safety beforehand when jumping into such places.
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