The number of older people is increasing. Some people think it will cause problems in their countries, others believe this group is important to society. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Old age peoples are wise, wisdom, caring and experienced. Because of their caring and sharing nature, they are always ready to help their family and friends in every situation.
, they are necessarily important for us, let's discuss in the coming paragraphs.
, they are having a lot of experience towards life, so they always try to protect others in the difficult situation. As we all know, there is a very famous quote " Old is Gold", it
describes the importance of the older ones. They are working like a light till the end of the tunnel, so they always there for us in the ups and downs.
For instance
, a grandfather is making their grandchildren to learn the skills of smooth living, because, they have already learned how to tackle different situations and they do not want their children to trap in any of the massive situation.
On the other hand
, old persons are having less knowledge about the gadgets and the internet surfing. Though, in the world of globalisation, it is obvious to have knowledge about the networks and modern instruments to cope up with the todays life.
, older can not go to study in abroad and can not take the trophy and award for the country in the name of national and international games.
For instance
, If older and young one together takes part in the games like cricket,
there will be a chance that the older one will not be a winner because of the lack of stamina and the age gap. To conclude, Unknowingly, we have to respect them, because they had served the whole of their
for their family and country. On the flip side, they are physically less active, but it does not matter.

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