The cultures of many countries around the world becomes more similar than they used to be. What are the reasons for this trend? Is it positive or negative?

Nowadays, when the entire world has become a global village, under the effects of globalization, it should come as no surprise that cultural diversities between nations are gradually disappearing. There are numerous reasons for
negative trend;
, the most important ones are the media's influence and the freedom of choice. On one hand, the mass media are an extremely strong and effective way of promoting one country's customs and traditions. They are able to do
because they can reach a vast audience from every part of the planet.
For instance
, certain American holidays,
as Halloween, have become globally celebrated after their movie industry introduced the general audience with
festive celebration.
, some countries neglect their traditional holidays on that date in order to enjoy the customs of Halloween.
On the other hand
, people now have more personal freedom than they have ever had and
gives them the right to change their native customs they do not like.
, some decide even to completely replace them with other nation's traditions. To illustrate, since many women in the Middle East are now considered equal to men and they are allowed to make their own choices, some of them decided against wearing traditional full-head covers, called hijabs. Doing so, not only that they have neglected their cultural values, but they have
accepted the eastern style of clothing, losing their cultural identity in the process. To conclude, there are little differences between cultures worldwide and they are becoming less and less noticeable with time.
is mainly because of the impact media have on people, combined with the greater human rights respectfulness world-wide.
is a negative trend as it has a detrimental effect on cultural diversity.
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