Individuals can do nothing to improve the environment; only governments and large companies can make a difference. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Many people believe that only governments and large corporations could do something to improve the environment. The
reaction to some people is to concur to
, there are several reasons to refute
statement. In the following paragraphs, there are a number of perspectives to discuss
issue more in-depth.
, the main reason to support my position is that individuals could help to improve the environment by separating trash. Take my friend, Tina,
for example
, she not only separates her own household trash, but
teaching neighbours about how doing it. By that way, the trash of their suburb much less than
year. From
examples, it demonstrates that every one of us could make an effort for our living area.
, another reason for my belief is that even the government provides good policies, civilians should follow the rules
it can make a difference.
, it is important to let civilians know why we need to protect our natural surroundings.
For instance
, my sister, Annie, went a series of lessons according to environment protection. After the lessons, she becomes a natural teacher to teach people how to conserve our surroundings. Now there are more than thousands of students who heard her lectures and decided to be volunteers of natural conservation.
, it can be said that educating civilians could
help our nature. To conclude, it is not to say that other points of view are totally without merits.
, the ideas I have presented could support the position of not only the government or companies could make a difference in the world.

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