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People cannot do anything to improve the environment; only the bodies of the government and large companies can have a large impact on the societal norms of the atmosphere. I partially agree with this assumption, and in
Environment is important for the survival of all species. It includes all the living and non-living matter. The preservation and destruction creates an equilbrium of sustainability.The intercations between the animate an
These days, Climate change issue has become a crucial aspect of society. Some people claim that there is a hope to improve the environment; moreover, authors and enterprises are the subjects that should be responsible. H
One of the most prevalent trends in the contemporary world is the cumulative increase in the improvement of the environment. Many people argue that everyone should contribute, while others believe that the Authorities an
It is a common view that only big corporations and governments have resources to reverse the harmful effects caused to our environment and individual effort cannot make a big difference. However, this essay strongly disa
It seems that with the passing, the environment is one of the most important sources of livelihood for humankind, in addition, when there is a healthy environment, most of the world's issues are solved. overall, there is
It is considered that only high trading systems and the government are responsible for clearing the environment. They are the ones who bring huge positive changes. However, I believe that it is a matter of the whole nati
In this period of modernity, some people said that this matter can be solved only by the official and stakeholders. In my opinion, I strongly disagree with this notion and my opinion will be discussed in further paragrap
Some people contend that only big businesses and governments can effectively improve the environment, and that individuals are powerless to do so. I am totally against this viewpoint.
It is often believed that people can do nothing to improve the surroundings, but only government or huge organizations can improve the environment. Although officials can only bring policies to improve the environment, i
In the present society, different kinds of environmental problems are unquestionably one of the most controversial topics of debate these days. This affects all of us worldwide since studies show a significant increase
There has been controversy about whether governments should be responsible for making a difference or whether communities on their own are capable of taking care of the environment. I personally disagree with this notio
Most people think that individuals can do nothing to keeping the environment. While only large companies and goverments can make difference. I am completely disagree with this statement. I would to like explain why indiv
While the environment can only be improved if large companies as the ones who produce major pollution and governments as the ones who control the regulations make a difference, I believe that individuals also play a pivo
There are debatable arguments about who is likely to tackle problems related to global warming and climate change. While multiple people think that only political leaders and huge businesses can solve the issue, others s
Opinion is divided whether or not people have any responsibility to protect the environment. While many argue that it is only goverments and companies contribute to the environment protection, I object this trend and thi
Some people think that individual action shows no benefit to preserving the environment and that big corporations and governments are the ones responsible for taking care of nature. Personally, I think that both people a
It is widely believed that governments and companies can make big impacts to improve the environment, while individuals cannot do anything to change. Personally, I can neither completely disagree nor agree with this stat
Humans cannot make the natural environment better, unless, the authorities and major sectors play a significant role in it. I completely disagree with the above statement. I would argue that mother nature can be curbed f
There is no denying the fact that individual rule in improving the environment is debatable, While it is a commonly held belief that the government is only what makes a big difference in the environment, there is also an
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