Today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult,such as Sahara desert or the Antarctic. What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places?

Today's generation is developing and having their individual thoughts in every act and condition. Exploring different places and things is trending nowadays. Visiting unconventional places are increasing. In the following paraghraps, I shall be discussing the pros and cons on the mentioned topic. To commence with, As there is two sides of a coin. Every action has an equal and opposite action.Travelling to lonely places has many importance and benefits, but it also has negative effects too. When people visit isolated places they get to see and know many different things and they have multiple experience. Like, they meet new humans and they learn their way living. Especially, how they manage their living in such difficult situation. In some cases, tourist does contribute in many different forms. For example, They do not some amount of the place, which can help the place to develop. Many a times mankinds visit to deserted places just to take the experience of place and to live the life of those communities. Whereas there are few drawbacks too, For instance, They can destroy the environment and make the places messy. If they do not understand the local peoples' language, it can lead to some crime. Which can also lead to self destruction. So, there are few negative impacts on the place. To gather the thoughts, I believe it depends on a person how he/she can make his visit rememberable.
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