Many people now undertake extreme activities, from hang-gliding to mountain climbing. Why do people risk their lives in this way? Do you think this is a good trend?

Extreme activities are most popular among most people
as high speed cars and bike racing and water sports. Despite ma
ny risk a
the many risks
many risks
ssociated with these games, many people love them because of their adventure and risk loving attitude, to feel the sense of achievement and to attain the ce
lebrities s
tatus. Personally, I think that pleasure overcomes the danger, especially if it is accessed or controlled. To embark upon, one of the main reasons is ab
undant amount o
the abundant amount
an abundant amount
f monetary income and astonishes fame.
is to say that these games allow people to become the global celebrities which in turn leads to ad
renalin rush a
the adrenaline rush
adrenaline rush
mong the sports of professionals to participate in unsafe sporting activities.
For example
, the racing drivers are the people who undergo
a high risk condition;
, they are willing to do it repeatedly due to the rewards they received through it. In my humble opinion, these games are effective and productive with appropriate tools. By
I mean, lots of accessories are available to protect players from da
ngerous situation.
dangerous situations
the dangerous situation
a dangerous situation
For ex
ample in i
Accept comma addition
example, in
ce hockey, manufacturers are creating strong helmets against hard hits and they are testing these products under the laboratory condition,
, they used extremely hard material like fi
a slender and greatly elongated substance capable of being spun into yarn
plastic as a contributor. Another easiest and suggested approach is awareness among the people.
In other words
, reading books and blogs of people who succeeded and failed while trying them will help people to create li
st w
hat and what not to do. In conclusion, many people like to participate in life threatening activities for various reasons like money, fame et
, one should be circumspect about the danger of
activities and better fellow safety, guidance and train well in advance before practicing them.
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