A healthy person is often described as someone who has a good diet, gets plenty of exercise and avoids stress. what should people do to stay healthy in your country? give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Being healthy is the most prominent way to stay vigil, physically fit and mentally strong as a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. A person is said to be healthy when he/she do ample amount of workout, eats a nutritional diet and stay stress free.There are multifarious ways to enhance our health as explained in the forthcoming paragraphs. The
and foremost way is to have all your meals at the accurate time. Due to hectic lifestyle, people usually skip their food or eat at irregular intervals.
, our carcass devoid of essential energy as food is the only source of energy in our frame.
, people can become vulnerable to diseases.
, the masses need to eat properly and on time to stay hale and hearty. Even I applied the same idea to myself and impressed by my torso's reaction in terms of staying active and without fatigue.
In addition
, people should do regular activity so that they can burn extra calories and become more flexible. If we do not do activity, there are high chances to become indolent. Being lethargic results in loosing focus on education and career because of our fatigued mind. People can go to gym, practice a habit of morning or evening walk, play outdoor games etc. To elucidate, I pen down by saying that people should reserve time for their carcass out of mundane affairs. Balanced diet and workout can make our health better.
, we can safeguard yourself from various health hazards
as heart attach, blood pressure.

Fully explain your ideas

To get an excellent score in the IELTS Task 2 writing section, one of the easiest and most effective tips is structuring your writing in the most solid format. A great argument essay structure may be divided to four paragraphs, in which comprises of four sentences (excluding the conclusion paragraph, which comprises of three sentences).

For we to consider an essay structure a great one, it should be looking like this:

  • Paragraph 1 - Introduction
    • Sentence 1 - Background statement
    • Sentence 2 - Detailed background statement
    • Sentence 3 - Thesis
    • Sentence 4 - Outline sentence
  • Paragraph 2 - First supporting paragraph
    • Sentence 1 - Topic sentence
    • Sentence 2 - Example
    • Sentence 3 - Discussion
    • Sentence 4 - Conclusion
  • Paragraph 3 - Second supporting paragraph
    • Sentence 1 - Topic sentence
    • Sentence 2 - Example
    • Sentence 3 - Discussion
    • Sentence 4 - Conclusion
  • Paragraph 4 - Conclusion
    • Sentence 1 - Summary
    • Sentence 2 - Restatement of thesis
    • Sentence 3 - Prediction or recommendation

Our recommended essay structure above comprises of fifteen (15) sentences, which will make your essay approximately 250 to 275 words.

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