Every year several languages die out. Some people think that this is not important because life will be easier if there are fewer languages in the world. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion

As the global trend toward globalism and the
of a lingua Franca grows, local languages continue to perish. I think,
a smaller number of languages can make life easier, it is important to try and preserve all languages. On the one hand, when fewer languages are in
, communication tends to become easier in most cases. It will be really convenient if one can talk with others from various parts of the world without the need for a live translator or special software for assistance.
means that different nations around the globe are likely to be able to cooperate more closely if fewer languages are in
For instance
, a conference at the United Nations will be more convenient and productive for politicians if they all can communicate using a limited set of languages, or perhaps even one,
of having to wait for translations to come through.
, better results are likely to be achieved more quickly, and many issues could be resolved
as a result
of better mutual understanding.
On the other hand
, every language represents the culture within which it has developed. It reflects the lifestyle and traditions of the people who
it to communicate within the context of their daily lives, and it is the foundation of their folklore and literature.
some might argue that these could be translated into more common languages like English or Chinese, it is quite unlikely that the exact meaning of each phrase, expression, idiom, proverb or poem can be translated.
means that once a nations’ language has died out, a significant portion of its culture and history is lost with it, leaving them with a weaker cultural and national identity. In conclusion, I believe even though the fall in the number of languages in
allows people to communicate more conveniently, making their lives less complicated, it is still important for every language to be saved from extinction so that the culture, history and literature of all nations are protected. (50 words)
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