In most countries multinational companies and their products are becoming more and more important. This trend is seriously damaging out quality of life. do you agree or disagree?

Multinational corporations are large companies with operations in several countries across the world.
For instance
, Apple, and Microsoft. Having extensive financial resources, they are able to make fundamental changes
as economic flourishing, which is why they are becoming significant.
, are all those changes has increased our life standard? In will essay I explain why they have a negative effect on us. If you look closely at the economic activities of these corporations, you will see how they can hurt the economy and market of a country in different ways.
, their market dominance makes it difficult for local small firms to thrive. For illustration, it is argued that the big supermarkets are squeezing the margins of local corner shops, leading to less diversity.
, these organizations are often interested in remuneration at the expense of the consumer. They often have monopoly power which enables them to make an excess revenue. Take Shell as an example. They made profits of £14bn
, with unemployment of small business owners and workers as well as rising prices, the country's economy will suffer significantly. Not only that, environmental issues should
be taken into account. In the pursuit of profit, they often contribute to pollution and use of non-renewable resources which is putting the environment under threat.
For instance
, some MNCs have been criticized of outsourcing pollution and environmental degradation to developing economies where pollution standards are lower.
As a result
, their activities are associated with irreparable damage to the environment. To conclude,
the presence of multinational firms is being commonplace around the world, the effects of their presence must be carefully examined. Among the most important consequences of their activities, negative impact on the microeconomics and environmental degradation are more prominent. I personally believe
corporation are generally have been diminish out quality of life considerably and only by enacting law to protect public interests should countries allow these firms start their business,
there will be lasting harm.

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