Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree? What other measures do you think might be effective?

The deteriorating quality of air is a major concern for the mankind. To mitigate the potential issues of pollution and traffic conjunction, many intellectuals are suggesting to raise the charges on petroleum products. I strongly agree with the above notion.
practice will motivate the people towards the renewable sources, as well as some timely action can curb the environmental issues too.
To begin
with, the elevated
price will enforce the people towards restricting the use of petrol and utilization of public transports for their daily transits.
, an optimistic trend of
consumption will bring many positive impacts not only on the community, but
environment will get restored. The less consumption of fossil
will limit the carbon emission to the atmosphere and will be economical of an individual.
For instance
, the recent environmental threat called global warming; has been evolved due to the soaring amount of carbon footprint in the atmosphere.
, the high tariff of the petrol will bring positive and lucrative lifestyle to
modern society.
, apart from taxation on the
, there are many preventive measures available to mitigate the global issues. The enhanced technology has enabled the feasibility to use the renewable energy sources effectively.
For example
, the windmills are utilizing the wind energy, solar plates are converting the solar radiation
in to
expresses motion to a point on, or within, something
electricity and hydro generator are converting the potential energy of water into electricity.
, the advanced technology can provoke the people towards generation of green electricity, as well as utilize the electric vehicles
of conventional cars.
, the timely actions can
to put down by force or authority
the potential danger to the mankind. In conclusion, the need of the hour is to emphasize the concerns related to our scarce resources and environmental issues. It is reasonable to suppress the consumption of petrol by forming the fiscal policy.
In addition
, the people should inculcate the habit of relying on renewable and environmental friendly resources.

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