Some people say that the best way to improve public health is by increasing the number of sports facilities. Others,however, say that this would have little effect on public health and that other measures are required. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Public well-being includes living a healthy life, having protection from disease and germs, and doing sports to keep fit. A considerable number of people assert that providing sports facilities can have a positive effect on public well-being. Others,
, claim the opposite and indicate that increasing the number of sports facilities is not enough to affect public well-being. They suggest that some other things should be done. There are pros and cons of both views must be considered before reaching a conclusion.
of all, doing sports alone is not enough to ensure public well-being. Obesity rate increases adversely because many people consume junk foods. People prefer to eat fast foods because they are cheap and easy, but they are
unhealthy, and eating a lot of unhealthy foods can cause obesity. If people avoided eating these foods, public well-being would increase exponentially.
, people always work a lot. They do not have enough time to do sports. The authority should implement some regulations to limit working hours. When the ministry enforces the aforementioned rules, people can have time to do sports and the impact on their well-being would be wonderful.
, many foods include dangerous substances. When people consume these foods, their lives can be affected catastrophically because they might develop cancer. The authority never inspects ingredients. The authority should check farmers.
, farmers can fertilize their lands naturally.
As a result
, public well-being can be conserved.
, the virus is currently the biggest threat to public well-being. People should protect themselves from
virus. Doing sports cannot help people to survive. People should observe social distancing rules, use masks, and practise good hygiene.
On the other hand
, doing sports activities protects public well-being. When people do sports activities, they feel better. Turkish people have an idiom about doing sports: a healthy brain is in a healthy body. The number of sports facilities should be increased on account of the fact that people do not have enough money to spend on sports centres. If people reach sports activities without effort, they can do sports.
, they will be healthier. There are advantages and disadvantages of both views.
, on balance, in my opinion, improving sports facilities would have a weak impact on public well-being. If we want to improve public well-being, we should do something more
as implementing some regulations for working hours and food production, avoiding junk foods, and encouraging appropriate when there is a well-being threat
as a virus.
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