Smacking children is the best form of discipline. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Punishing is the best method to control children.Some people believe
is the most appropriate way to discipline kids.
essay will argue why smacking children is completely unacceptable despite some disciplinary issues. Some parents believe physically punishing kids can improve their educational grades, which in turn provide them more opportunities for securing jobs later.
For example
, according to a recent survey, some parents strongly agree that controlling kids since childhood had improved their ranks at schools and
secured them excellent jobs.
In addition
, people
accept that manhandling teenagers will restrict them to get addicted to bad habits.Nowadays, college goers who regularly smoke and drink have stopped due to the slapping from their guardians. The above few instances demonstrated why smacking is important for raising children.
, smashing children is not a recommended option for many parents. Because, they feel that it will make them more violent.To illustrate, citizens in western countries will not handle their child physically because they believe it will provoke them to anti-social elements in the society.
, they don't advise beating students as an option for teaching behaviour.
, beating teenagers will provoke them to retaliate on their caretakers. In fact,
method will disturb the mental stability of the kids, according to a recent study.
, discipline should be taught psychologically rather than physically considering the above factors. To summarize,
essay argued why smacking children is completely unacceptable to discipline them despite, some believe it is appropriate.In my opinion, I totally disagree with dealing kids physically.
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