In recent years, many small local shops have closed because customer travels to large shopping centre and mall to do shopping. Is it a positive or negative development?

There is no doubt that an increasing number of people tend to do shopping from malls rather than local shops and
has resulted in the closing of many traditional shops. In my opinion,
trend has both positive and negative impacts on people and society. Visiting shopping malls tend to save
while being not able to support fa
mily i
a family
the family
s its negative impact. On the one hand, saving
is the predominant factor to consider visiting a mall is a positive development to some extent. To elucidate, consumers can get all required things under the one roof,
as kitchen appliances, electronic gadgets, groceries, branded clothes, home décor, children's toys and many more.
, it saves
of them, whereas, before the opening of malls, they needed to do shopping by visiting one shop to another which was extremely
, often
shopping centre, woo end-users by keeping discount and different offers, particularly on special occasions.
, they attracted towards them and
results in saving
on them.
On the other hand
, being bankrupt is the inevitable cause why I believe opening new malls is a negative trend to a certain extent. To elucidate, for many shopkeepers, their shops is the only source of income. Irrefutably, myriads of people have switched to the mall over visiting local shops due to having many discount offers.
, end-users are less inclined to visit local shops, and
has adversely impacted on their earning.
, not only they are not able to support their family, but
cannot provide education for their children due to lack of funds, which has resulted in them becoming bankrupt.
For example
, in the recent article by the Times of India revealed that there are many bankruptcy cases found on local shop vendors due to the opening of many malls in the market and
has resulted in in
creased illetracy ratio.
an increased illiteracy ratio
increased illiteracy ratio
In conclusion,
doing the shopping from the mall allows the customer to save their
ney which m
Accept comma addition
money, which
atters a lot in
modern life.
, reducing a source of income adversely affect shopkeeper family and children and eventually becoming bankrupt is its profound impact.
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