Some people say that too much attention and too many resources are given in the protection of wild animals and birds. Do you agree or disagree about this opinion?

As a human being, we should do whatever it takes to protect our ecosystem. Some people ponder that our society is putting more attention and resources than required for protection of wild animals and birds.
, I strongly disagree with
view and the reasons for that will be explained in the following paragraph
To begin
with, in the current situation, we do need to put a lot more light to the issue
as illegal poaching. Interfering with the natural food chain has shown worst repercussion in the past.
For example
, famine condition in china arises after 1925 due to killing of birds, which use to eat pest from the crops. After putting laws and highlighting issues for the sake of the animal kingdom, still we hear news like the killing of rhinos due to their horn.
, there is no
thing like more attention to
In addition
, a bunch of people opine that too many resources are given to safeguarding animals.
, compared to the amount of damage done by the industrial revolution and growing population in nature, these investments are like a drop of water in the ocean.
For instance
, the building of roads and dam projects results in wiping of large areas of forest.
, it is not right to say that we are putting lots of money for their safety. We are reciprocating what we took in the past from them. To sum up, needless to say that human has done more harm to speechless creatures and now it’s our responsibility to cover up for the mistake done by our past generation and make
world a better place to live
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