smacking children is the best form of discipline. to what extend do you agree or disagree?

How to prepare the children in the discipline manner for the future, is a hot topic now-a-day. Some parents believe that physical punishments are the most effective
to raise children in the discipline.
essay will argue why beating the children is really an awful
for their better growth; mentally and physically. Parents have always been worried about their children to behave correctly in the society. They prefer the
of smack them to acknowledge the mistake and remember for
long run
the long run
a long run
long runs
, The disciple can be taught by punishing the children on their mistakes,
where as
on the other hand
Accept space
teaching a lesson by physical
the act of punishing
are mostly
the best way
best way
busy way
to avoid the
to or at a greater extent or degree or a more advanced stage ('further' is used more often than 'farther' in this abstract sense)
mistakes or tantrums. To
be characteristic of
, when children start to learn how to write with pencil, their parents often hit on their hands in order to fear them to write properly. In order to make them realise their mistakes parents have to bet youngsters. Despite of the fact that parents are responsible for their young one's behaviours, giving harsh punishments and torturing them may lead to various mental disorders and physical disability.
in addition
, Studies have shown that some of the parents bet their children to release their own anger and stress.
For instance
, when children make mistakes, try to use reverse psychology
for the reason that; on account of
that is
proven by the
a scientist trained in psychology
. Smacking the children is not only unnecessary, but has become illegal in many major countries. In conclusion,
essay argued that why smacking children are entirely inappropriate. I completely disagree that parents should smack their kids, it is not only a crime, as well as, it makes them feel less important which could cause a mental condition and distract them to become a responsible adult in future.
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