Some people think that keeping pets is good for children while other think it is dangerous and unhealthy. which opinion do you agree with? discuss both options and give examples

It is believed by some people that pets are better for the kids when they kept inside dwelling while some people believe it's too perilous and unhealthy for offsprings.
essay will discuss on both views and give an opinion with examples why pets are too risky and unhealthy for kids. To commence with, some people believed pets are friends for kids and make them. Even though they are busy with some building chores, child will spend time with pets and it will make them easier to perform tasks.
For instance
, a recent study concluded that 50% parents keep the pets
as pup, cat and so on in the home for children fun to make their task easy to procrastinate.
In addition
, they might think children will be happy with the pets and make them happy every time.
For example
, in Australia most of the children have the habit of playing with the pets like a cat and puppy which makes them mirth with their participation. That's why people might think it's better to have at least one pet in houses for children's growth.
However some
Accept comma addition
However, some
people believe pets are risky as they need extra care and offsprings are unknown about
. Even for some time if they are happy, it's not always in the same mood. If they are angrier,
they might bite the children or make them injured. To exemplify, my friends had a big dog in his building and he used to play with the child but one day puppy became angry and bite the kids very dangerously. So, children can not recognise whether pets are angry or happy.
, sometime pets might have some ailments
as bugs in the body or some skin disease, which can transfer to kids when they are playing so it's not safe for kids.
, the hair of pets is too hazardous for the health of children as it causes disease like cancer or others if they mistakenly eat hair of pets. That's why in my opinion, keeping pets inside the home is too much risk to their health. To sum up, even some people think pets are a good friend and keep them contented, in my opinion, they are deleterious for the healthy life of kids so it's always better not to keep pets inside the residence unless they become mature enough to know about their habits.
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