Some people think that planting trees in open space cities and towns is more important than building houses. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is considered by most of the people that tree plantation in urban cities
as along the roadside or countryside is essential.
In contrast
, others believe that
capacity should be utilized to construct apartments and houses. In my opinion, I agree that planting trees is necessary as it will help to reduce pollution and to maintain balance in the ecosystem.
, I
believe that some of the open capacity should be utilized for construction purposes.
, trees contribute significantly to reducing the pollution level by absorbing co2 emitted from vehicles, industries, and other manufacturing units.
, planting trees along the roadside and in open areas will not only save us from contaminated air, but
give us a refreshing environment which is good for physical and mental health.
, trees
provide shelter and habitat for wildlife and play a vital role in maintaining a balance in the ecosystem.
, tree plantation can bring people closer to nature as most of the people are living in metropolitan cities because of their job or education, and
as a result
, they are away from nature's life. There are
some other benefits. To give a clear example,
as trees absorb harmful sun rays, which can lead to severe skin diseases; they
provide shelter to homeless, poor people; they
act as a noise buffer and
reduce noise pollution to some extent.
, planting trees is vital to have a healthy environment, especially in urban areas.
, with the increasing population in cities and towns, it is essential to have sufficient accommodation for everyone.
can lead to serious issues.
as, if people are not provided with enough houses,
they can incline towards criminal activities.
, shelter is essential for people to save them from heat and cold. Without enough homes, people can become homeless, which will deter them in mental and physical growth. To conclude, I believe that open space should be utilized for both purposes. People need to live in a balanced environment. The government should implement a proper plan on how to effectively use open area space to construct and to plant trees.
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