Some people believe that it is best to accept a bad situation such as an unsatisfactory job or shortage of money. Others argue that it is better to improve such situations Discuss both views and give your opinion

Every now and
, man is faced with a choice of embracing some of life's unfavourable circumstances. While some believe that accepting
a situation should be welcomed and seen as ideal, I would argue that every negative situation experienced in life should provide conditions for improvement. More often than not, the major reason for
school of thought is mainly attributed to, religious belief of fate.
In other words
, believing that everything happens for a particular reason and changing it would be against fate. A research carried out in 2017, by the Globalcom Ministry,
for example
, suggested that about 65% of persons who accepted unpleasant treatments either from fellow workers or students were religious believers that believed in a higher being called fate.
group believes that every condition was preordained. A different group,
on the contrary
, share the opinion that it is
encouraging or approving or pleasing
to improve
not encouraging or approving or pleasing
conditions mainly because it affects mental health.
implies that, every individual should rise above negative circumstances,
as limited funds, as well as, hostile work environment. Take
for example
, the 2019 article, written and published by the World Health Organization, revealed that the major causes of depression in young adults were hostile working surroundings and
low financial status.
, improving the negative conditions would improve our mental health thereby, reducing depression, as well as, death by suicide. In conclusion, while others suggest that every occasion occurs for a reason, I am of the opinion that every person should improve every negative state whether job related or
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