Now a days many people choose to be self employed, rather than to work for a company or an organisation. Why might this be the case? What could be the disadvantages of self employment

Entrepreneurship has become the new norm in the recent years. People prefer to have a self made business instead of working for an organisation for a mere monthly pay-check. This essay would highlight the reasons behind the same and will discuss the pros and cons of self employment. Firstly, with the advancement of technology and the wide reach of internet to almost each and every household, setting up a new business has become quite easy and affordable. All one would need is a reliable internet connection. For instance, a computer graduate can casually sit in his home and start making video based lectures and tutorials about a programming platform or a framework he is best knowledgeable in. Similarly, a homemaker can start making videos about his/her cooking lessons or special recipes and upload it on the relevant platforms to get the expected revenue. This would avoid different stressful situations which people working for an organisation usually experience due to tight deadlines and high expectations by seniors. However, self employment has its own disadvantages the most common one being financial insecurity. Apart from it, one would need a great deal of dedication, consistency and patience in order for the self-made business to flourish. Moreover, owing to the high competition in the start-up business market, a person has to keep on coming up with new trending ideas in order to keep the customer base intact. To recapitulate, both self employed and salaried jobs have their owns merits and demerits, one should consider his sensibilities before choosing the right path.
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