Some people say that advertising is extremely successful at persuading us to buy things. Other people think that advertising is so common that we no longer pay attention to it. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

An advertisement is a business’s message to a group of individuals which is intended to convince them to purchase a product. While shoppers claim that advertising can achieve a great deal in attracting a potential customer and make them buy, other clients argue that this method has become defunct as it no longer retains the effectiveness in making us interested in purchasing the stuff. It is argued by many that advertising can work miracles in reeling the shoppers in and in triggering their appetite to shop. This claim has been around for as long as businesses have existed. Arguably, why these people are at the shops is because of an urge initiated by an ad they’ve seen on social media, on TV, or heard on the radio, and therefore provably, businesses are making their profit from products they’ve advertised for on those media. On the other hand, however, there are those who see no value in advertisements. They say that advertising as a method targeting individuals has become too commonplace and overused to be efficient enough to make an impact that results in a potential customer taking a first step towards the marketplace. Why this is, they maintain, is that people are only interested in things to buy that they’re familiar with, and that the shopping pattern will begin when they’ve gathered enough information about a product by directly asking its users rather than from an advertisement. For example, if they consider replacing their current fascination with Samsung, iPhone users will glean the pros and cons of Samsung product only from the public opinion. In my opinion, all businesses must maintain their effort in advertising for their products. Because of its effectiveness in the case of smaller, emerging companies, I can presume that advertising is still the most vital component of marketing. In conclusion, people’s opinions may differ on whether advertising is an influential tool for marking a product. However, it is a long-established fact that an advertisement is the key to opening doors to great success, as is the case with the smaller businesses.
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