At the present time, the population of some countries includes a relatively large number of young adult, compared with the number of older people. Do advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

At the current period of time, in some nations, the proportion of the young people is much higher than the senior citizens. I also support that the benefit of having a large amount of the younger generation in the country surpasses its drawbacks to a large extent. My preference is justified in the ensuring paragraphs. There are many positive sides of having a maximum number of minority population in the democracy. To begin with, the young people are more productive than the old one. They can have more knowledge about new technology. So, they can do work with productivity in less time. Moreover, companies can easily hire the best young talent. So, it will be beneficial for the company’s future. The minority can earn more money and less spends. Therefore, it will help to increase the economy level of the union. Furthermore, the teens can change their attitude as per need. To elaborate this, young people can always challenge the old style of thinking and they easily accept the new idea or technology. So, it will be more beneficial for the country’s growth. To add to this, young people have more ability to bring about necessary changes in the thinking of union. Moreover, the adults are healthier then the senior citizens. The result of this they can spend less money on health compare to old aged people. However, there are some negative sides of large numbers of people in the country are younger than older. The older people are more educated than the minority. They also have more experience about all things. They can solve the problems in many ways. Older people can motivate the teens and the adult can learn from the older person because they have more experience. In conclusion, some state has a large proportion of the minority, compared with the old one. It will more beneficial for society’s growth. Because, young people are more productive and healthier. They can easily accept the change and new technology.
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